"Bottles -N- Backbacks is an exceptional well educated and friendly atmosphere. From staff to parents and their kids, they make us feel loved and like family. The learning is real, the standards are real and the love is real! Thank you"

Damita Brown
"Bottles-N-Backpacks has been a blessing for my family. The staff has made my son take responsibilities for  his actions. I have seen changes in his behavior since he started. We have worked together as a team to give my son the best education and day care that he could get at his age. Lastly, but certainly not least, my son feels so  loved by the staff. He runs into the class every day after school to say hi!!! I just remember that it takes a village to raise a child! I am proud of the village he has backing him."

Debbie Fitzgerald
"I was privileged to acquire the services of "Bottles and Backpacks” when the daycare/latchkey program was just developing, and with that being said; I have nothing but positive things to say about the "Bottles and Backpacks" daycare/latch key services.  

After the unfortunate loss of my late husband; I was in dire need of latchkey services for my two youngest children.  I was looking for a caring, trustworthy place as we all were grieving for our loss.  I needed a place where staff would go the extra mile to care for my children in a most caring, patient, and understanding manner.  I needed a place that offered flexibility in hours and service, as well as, a place that would provide growth/enhance academic needs for my children.

In my experience with “Bottles and Backpacks", they provided us with all the above mentioned and more.  I would refer and have referred others to obtain services for daycare, and or latchkey services.  The ambiance at "Bottles and Backpacks" is a clear indicator that learning takes place, it is safe and clean, most of all, "Bottles and Backpacks provide a caring and sincere staff.   As a working, single mother; this allowed me to be at ease when they were in their care.  

Thanks to all for a positive experience!!!"

L. White
"My son now 8 started out at Bottles and Backpacks when he was 2 years old and i believe it was pivotal in his development and readiness for school. The staff was attentive, helpful and pleasant. They started teaching him skills that would later be very helpful for school."

Mark Dockery
"My son and I attended BNB for over 4 years. Doing that time, my son developed positive social interaction skills such as problem-solving, compromising, and empathy. Academically, BNB worked with my son one-on-one helping him develop his language, reading, and writing skills, and as a result he is ahead of his Kindergarten class. 

Although, this is a Child Development Center, BNB took additional time to help me develop the skills I needed to become a better parent such as the importance of healthy meals, playtime, routines, and appropriate discipline. As my son and I were new to the area without friends or family, they became a great resource to us, confidants, and role models.

My son and I love Mr. Kier and Mrs. Deata because they are approachable, easy going, have great personalities, intelligent, and kind. Mr. Kier personally mentored my son every day for 4 years and Mrs. Deata mentored me on the importance of Self-Love, and as a single mom, I cannot say Thank You enough.  

Lastly, it was always great to leave my son with educated, fun, and hardworking people that I could trust."

Marylena and Nehemiah
"I have had the pleasure of knowing the McLemores' personally and professionally.  Their daughter Mariel was one of my students.  They were always supportive in my classroom and very active at our school.  Their daycare runs like a "well-oiled machine".  They are supportive, passionate and nurturing to the children and families they serve.  They are active in the community planning events on Saturdays that include presentations on family and community involvement. They are always brainstorming on what they can do next.  They never stop and say "we have done enough". I cannot say enough about how they care for people.  Every time we talk they are always thinking of how they can help and serve people in the community.  They are truly QUALITY people.

I hope this is okay.  It is from the heart.  Feel free to edit."


Mellony H.
My name is Micki Berg and I am the principal at Ford Early Learning Center with Ypsilanti Community Schools.  I am writing this on behalf of Bottles-N-Backpacks, the preschool/Daycare center housed within my building. 

I have worked with Mr. and Mrs. McLemore since I began in July 2013.  They were one of the first ones down to greet meet and welcome me into the community.  Since that time, I have watched these two people welcome many new faces into their program as well as seeing the delight on returning students.  They both have a very calming, quiet way about them and you can feel it just by being around them.  They are very easy to work with and have a true passion for what they do.

I am pleased to recommend them for parents who are looking for daycare/preschool options.  Your child will be loved and well taken care of with Bottles-N-Backpacks.

Micki Berg
"Our youngest daughter has been attending Bottles N Backpacks for the last year and we have been more than pleased with her academic and social growth under the guidance of their wonderful and well-trained staff.  The teachers are caring and warm. The curriculum is excellent and includes not just the basics but science, technology, and multicultural education as well.  Our daughter looks forward to school each day, comes home with a smile on her face, and is going to be well prepared to move into kindergarten next year. Thank you, Bottle N Backpacks!"
Tamara I.